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I went on Jack'd, the hookup app for gay black men, to get laid. Instead I got recognized.

I felt like I was different from everyone else. My first crush was on someone in my year at the all-boys Catholic school I went to. I first noticed him in the corridor between lessons, where he was mucking about with a group of friends, making them laugh. I liked him straight away. He was tall, mixed-heritage, athletic, and the class joker. He was always happy to talk to me, but never in a romantic way. I never told him, of course. I could barely admit it to myself. This may partly explain why, according to the ONS, only 0.

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So until I was in my early twenties, I buried my feelings and tried my best to pretend to be straight. I went through a period as a teen of praying every night, begging God to make me straight so I would fit in. I knew pretty much nothing about the gay community, and was eager to learn. So I created a Twitter profile using a fake name and used it to chat to guys online.

It felt like I was living a double life. It was upsetting, but also exhilarating. I started messaging a man and, before long, we were seeing each other. I had my first sexual experience with him and I felt so free when we were together. I would sneak out to meet him on the weekend, and for a brief while I felt totally happy.

After a few months things with that guy fizzled out, but something inside me was different after sleeping with him. My confidence had grown, and I started messaging a few different men. Before long these messages became phone calls, and several of those phone calls got pretty explicit.

My sister has a couple of gay friends, so I thought she would be understanding - and I was right. But then came mum overhearing the phone calls. By the time this happened I was well on my way to saving enough money to move out.

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Her response devastated me. Though my mum and I were never that close, part of me hoped my coming out might bring down some of the walls between us. But the opposite happened - there were more barriers between us than ever before. We continued to live in the same house for several uncomfortable months. Mum acted like I had never told her I was gay.

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We barely spoke, except to make polite chit-chat. I knew I had to leave. He mentioned there was a spare room in the student house he was about to move into - and I jumped at the chance to take it. I ended up living with four students, three of whom were also gay. For the first time, I felt like people really understood me.

My experience as a gay, black man

But feeling accepted as a black man in the wider gay community was a different matter for me. Some are still dealing with their sexuality and the consequences that come with being out or closeted.

And then there were some who had been victims of sexual abuse, broken relationships, or experiencing for the first time a deep love with a partner. This description alone could provide more opportunities for mainstream outlets to display and explore the complexities of being Black and gay in a different way than what we as society are used to seeing.

Back then, Karamo Brown became the first openly-gay black man on the show. I was a few years younger than Brown when he made his debut on the Philadelphia-based reality show. His character gave voice to a different side of the community and shattered masculine stereotypes. We saw a young man who was vulnerable, strong, attractive, and actively dating. This was an image I needed to see as I struggled with my own sexuality and ideals on masculinity. During the trip, when my friends and I discussed the need for a variety of mainstream representations of Black gay men, one argument was that these images would not sell.

'Growing up, it felt like I was too gay to be black and too black to be gay'

People would not watch. Advertisers want the Black queen, not the Black gay stud, nor any other variation of being Black and gay that falls between the two. But I beg to differ.

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  • Throughout the seasons, we see a young man pursue his music career, just as he fights for acceptance from his homophobic father and the music industry. We see his strength, vulnerability and sexuality play out in each episode. The first two seasons of the show ranked number one among 18 to year-olds, which is a highly coveted advertising demographic. This just furthers the idea that there is always opportunity to elevate this sub-group.

    One failed or successful show should not be the deciding factor on whether to create more opportunities for gay people of color or not. The desire to do so should be a given as society moves closer and closer to embracing our LGBT brothers and sisters. This is an open call to TV and film executives, writers and creators to offer the culture more than a stunt queen with a sharp tongue and outfit to match.

    Instead of sticking with the same old recipe try something different.

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