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These people could help you explain things to your orthodox friends and family. But if you end up having to choose between your own happiness and the acceptance of your family, choose yourself. You are so worth it! Run, my friend!

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I say just the same as Nadine! Leave that place. I spent 30 years in the Mormon church. It is not a safe and loving place. Find a lovely man to love and have children. I did! You can do it! Freedom is out there waiting for you! Our Mormon church is still a lot of years away from being a safe, loving environment for our LGBT brothers and sisters. I wish we could welcome you and love you as Christ taught. It aches to say this, but your best bet at happiness is to leave BYU and find someone you can be happy with, and maybe even marry some day.

Go find them. God might be for everybody but whoever started that rumor or used that on their mission needs to be gently informed. I never resigned, I just walked away.

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I might attend a ward but it will only be with my husband. Actually, you can talk to me too. For me at least, sometimes you just need someone who understands and can relate to. Sorry, this post got a bit long, but this is something that I feel strongly about. I have recently gone through a trial of my own faith at least more so than normal with regards to being lonely and doubting if I would truly be happy and find fulfillment in this life, because, as you mentioned, this life is really long! And the idea of being single that entire time is daunting.

However, I have a number of super wonderful friends here at BYUI, many of whom are also gay, that helped me to not give up on what I do know deep down to be true. I would be telling Him, and our Father in Heaven for that matter, that I did not trust them to do what they have promised: I am quite a bit older than most of the students here at BYUI, and I feel as though I have been around the block several times, as the saying goes.

I have made some pretty poor choices even getting myself kicked out of school at one point , and hit some pretty bad low points; but I have also made some pretty great decisions, and had some incredibly wonderful experiences. And you know what? I am starting to realise in hindsight that it has all been worth it although for long periods of time, I definitely did not feel that way, and hated the whole situation.

I have learned so much about myself, and who I am becoming through all of these experiences. I have also decided to be a lot more open about being gay with people around me, which at first was terrifying! It took me a long time to muster up the courage to tell my best friend and roommate when I was super depressed and needed someone to talk to But guess what? The experience has been amazing! No one has balked or treated me any different after finding out.

I can be the real, genuine me, and everyone I know has accepted me for it.

Homosexuality and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

It has been a great experience, and not a bad, everyon-is-going-to-reject-me-and-act-strange-around-me-once-they-know experience at all! Even though it has been rough going, I am certain the Church is true, and Jesus Christ knows and has felt exactly how you feel.

Satan wants you to feel isolated and an exception to the rule, but I assure you you are not. You are just as valuable in this Kingdom of Christ as anyone else, and we all need you to stay! Love you man! I hope that at least some of this makes sense, and if there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.

It was a difficult time and your comments brought back those memories. The more people like you who come forward and share their experiences, the more difficult it is for mainstream members to ignore. You ever wonder why you ended up being gay in this life? If it ever has something to do with your nature before like maybe some of the characteristics that perhaps you may have carried from the pre mortal life?

You Are Not Alone

And it kills the hell out of me having to sacrifice something that I strongly feel is apart of who I am. Or have you ever thought that this gay attraction may be like some sort of blanket if you will, covering you in this life and that one day, just maybe all your feelings of same-gender-attraction vanishes like the blanket falling from you and you can see clear as day what the Lord has waiting for you?

This truly has got to be the single most difficult thing the Lord has ever asked me to patiently and faithfully wait out.. No matter how hard it is or how much I keep falling I have chosen to not give up. No matter the many times I fall, give in, succumb etc I am still determined to push myself ever upward. I too am LDS and 22 years old and served a mission and I loved every part of it. No one else knows about this but my older sister who I trust and she lovingly helps me pull through this.

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We all know that asking a person to go their whole life without any physical affection or intimate relationships is WAY too much to ask of a person. I very much doubt that God had a conference with Pres. As long as people are willing to try to understand, and as long as you still feel something within you that makes you want to exercise faith, I would trudge along in Mormonism as much as you can while being in a relationship.

As for what there is in this world for you… the general authorities will come around! Sadly, probably not soon. In the meanwhile, I might recommend moving to Boston. Way better than Rexburg. Thanks for this article! I am stuck at BYUI for the next 2. I wish you the best! To preface, I am LDS. At least, I think I am. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr.

Patriarch Smith was pressured into resigning from his position because of a homosexual relationship he had with a 21 year-old sailor, who was also a Latter-day Saint. January 10, Truth Train. Margo Beatty-Singleton. Nadine McCombs Hansen.

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  7. Sexual desires are complex and shaped by many factors. While a romantic, emotional, or sexual attraction can signal a sexual orientation, you should not automatically assume that it does. Sexual desire can be fluid and changeable. If you are questioning, you should not feel pressured or rushed to reach conclusions about your sexuality. Words mean different things to different people, and the definition of a word can change throughout our lives. What does the word gay mean to you? Is it a feeling? The usage of the word gay has been changing as society and culture change.

    Identifying as gay may mean you experience same-sex attraction but choose not to act on these feelings. Or maybe this label describes how you express yourself emotionally, physically, sexually, or politically. For some people, keeping feelings of same-sex attraction private can result in shame or a negative internal dialogue.

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    Sharing those feelings with a trusted confidant can be liberating and healing. If you decide to disclose feelings of same-sex attraction, prayerfully consider whom you would like to tell about it and how to share this aspect of your mortal experience. If you decide to share your experiences of feeling same-sex attraction or to openly identify as gay, you should be supported and treated with kindness and respect, both at home and in church.

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