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I got the package and opened it to find a dress, high heels, lingerie, and a red velvet pouch of jewelry. On the night of our date I strapped on the black Agent Provocateur lingerie set, sequin Balmain dress, and platform Christian Louboutin heels and headed to the address he sent me. His home was a very beautiful stone manor in Buckhead with picturesque lighting. I knocked, and seconds later the door flung open. X was in dress pants and a blue button up looking super J.

Crew and invited me in to the beautiful decorated home, which I later found out was left to him by his grandfather. We ate dinner and talked a bit, and eventually Mr.

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X told me that he wanted to role-play. He lead me to the master bedroom where we started to kiss.

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The talk continued: But Mr. He stopped kissing me and demanded I take off the dress. I did it, because I just wanted to expedite the whole date process. As I started to ride him, the commentary continued: When he finally finished I laid there in the bed next to him for the customary five minutes, and then got up and grabbed my clothes off the floor and started to get ready to do a marathon sprint out the door.

He asked when he could see me again, and I told him to just make an appointment through the agency, trying my best not to make a scowl. A lot of guys show intrest in me at college but a boyfirend in my line of work isnt a wise move to make. It was a usal Tuesday at College doing my performing arts work when my red Blackberry started ringing i left the classroom to answer it knowing fine well it was going to be a client "hello Laurence Hilton" the client said "i'd like to hire you for the weekend if your available?

Lunch time came and I now needed to get a new suit for my new client. After the college week was done it was soon time for me to meet the client. I arrived at the hotel and made my way to his room. Keith who answered the door welcomed me in.

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I came in and handed him a envolope he opened it and read the piece of paper. Now when it comes to payment my profile says half now half after was you prepaired for this? We arrived at the show in a Silver Aston Martin. We took are sets in a private booth having rich clients ive became acustomed to these kind of pressures we watch the show but half way though it I was getting bord. I got off my set and got on my knees infront of Keith I unzipped his trousers and lowered his boxers to reveal his not so big dick I put it in my mouth and started sucking him off.

About 5 mintues later he cummed in my mouth and I drank his load. I sat back on my set to watch the rest of the show.

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When we got back to the hotel it was I told Keith i was going to bed and will be up at 7 in the morning for my final day with him. When I woke up that Sunday morning at 6: Then I let my tongue slip out, and it flicked across the same territory.

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Jerry pointed out that he could see by our reflection in the mirror that he was giving me pleasure. He bent slightly at the hips, allowing me more access, and suddenly I felt his sphincter muscles quiver as i made contact with them. I was in heaven!

Jerry's ass-hole was my heaven, where I wanted to spend eternity. My hands found his cock, and I began to jack him off, getting back to full hardness. Eat me, eat my ass-hole, he said.

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My tongue was pushing in and out faster and faster. I could see myself in the mirror I saw him there, too. Our eyes locked as I worshipped my god, my hero, my lover. Suddenly he jerked I felt his cumm shoot onto my hand. I rubbed it off on his cock as I milked him dry. I pulled my head back from his ass, and he turned around. Smiling , he said "You made a mess , greg.

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Your turn he said, leading me to the bed, and laying me on my back. He leaned over , and started giving me head, wonderful, talented head. Then he shifted, and threw his left leg over my head, and settled his penis onto my face, rubbing it across my mouth, nose and eyes as he sucked on me.

I felt my own orgasm nearing, and i said, almost too loud, " I wanna suck your ass while I cum! Then his finger entered my own cherry ass, and he started matching his in-and-out motion to the rhythm of my shameless tongue. I came like a rocket He turned around then, as I lay helpless, and I saw that he hadn't swallowed it all. Our lips met, my mouth opened to receive my own cum. I t was glorious, my legs wrapped around his thighs. I wanted to be his slut!

But I saw the clock It couldn't be! I wanted more, so much more! Tears filled my eyes as I answered yes. Good , he said as he kissed them away, and handed the roach.

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Buy me dinner, and we'll come back and see if you can't lose your cherry". With that, he rolled over and got the phone, and dialed his service. His buns, mine for the night were too beautiful to ignore. I moved down and buried my tongue in his ass- hole as he spoke into the receiver, one hand stroking my hair, pulling me tight against him.