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He attended an event in Houston to support the transgender community. The event had both transgender people and allies, friends and family who support the community. He found out later that the man identified as transgender and had transition from female to male. That incident did not make him straight.

Also Cason said that there are straight men who are attracted to transgender women specifically. Is It Normal? Cason said that this is a question he hears often. A previous version of this article stated that the Kinsey Institute was located at the University of Indiana. What is the best way to speak French fluently? Who will win the Super Bowl?

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Which website has the best gay asian porn? Why do negro people smell like gorilla feces? If I look at me sister and I get an erection, will I go to hell? Yahoo Answers unknown. A question and answer website home to some of the biggest retards ever, besides maybe YouTube comments. You can get reported there for breathing. Half of the questions and responses are unintelligible from grammatical errors. Filled with racists, ignorant morons, religious extremists, and people who were apparently taught English by newborn orangutans.

A message board gone to hell. Typical Yahoo Answers Question i is 15, shud i havs babie? Answer 1: A website with a userbase comprised largely of some of the dumbest and laziest retards ever to walk the planet. Most are people who can somehow figure out how to use Y! A to post questions, but can't figure out even the most basic aspects of a search engine. Others want you to do their homework for them.

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Still more ask questions about policies of certain companies that could've been solved faster if they'd just gone to said website or picked up a phone. Many are largely unintelligible with spelling, punctuation, and grammar that would make an English professor weep. There are angsty teens , clueless middle-aged people, and senile old people. While some people ask specific and smart questions, the vast majority of posts are asked by people who can't even figure out how to figure something out themselves.

The same applies to answers. Some are insightful and useful, but most are just idiocy. Essentially, it's a site where retards can ask retarded questions and get answers from other retards. It's a horrifying look into what happens when technology puts evolution in reverse and allows people who would have been culled from the herd long ago to survive and procreate.

If ever you want to see the abysmal , stygian depths of human stupidity, look no further than Yahoo Answers. That guy is Yahoo Answers-grade stupid! Almost everyone on the site will believe just about anything you post. Most of the people have nothing else better to do and just answer for points. Troll 1: I'm getting my sixth abortion in ten years -- will you say a prayer for me?

Troll 2: My 11 year old son just got his period?!? Brainwashed religious nut 1: I had a dream that I killed Mariah Carrey.

Will God send me to hell? What do you like to do for fun? I spend all my time on yahoo answers. I'd always liked to think of myself as an open minded person. I've never wavered in my stance about sexual orientation and equality. I'd be the first one to stand up and say "Hey, love is love, it shouldn't matter. I'm no expert on sexuality nor am I writing to give a lecture on it. My story isn't about accepting your own sexuality, it's about accepting someone else's.

That might seem pointless and unnecessary but I swear this story is worth a good message that more people should hear. My boyfriend is bisexual. This new revelation in my relationship and his coming out process has left me spinning. The past week I've been scouring the internet looking for stories similar to mine that I could find some sort of solace in.

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The problem is, there really aren't any, which is another reason I'm writing this. In some capacity, I might be able to give a bit of relief or advice — although I'm not sure how much I have— to anybody going through this, as well. First, let me give some background information about our relationship. My boyfriend and I have been dating for the past 6 months.

Have you ever been confused or questioned your sexuality?

As with any relationship, it hasn't been easy for a number of reasons, but it has been lovely all the same. We're much more than boyfriend and girlfriend; we are best friends.

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We've discussed marriage and starting a family and have fallen insanely in love in what would seem like a short period of time. Our sex life is active and nothing short of perfect. I wouldn't trade our relationship for anything in the entire world.

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Yet the last few weeks had been a little rough for us; I could tell something unusual was up but I had no idea what it was. He had been more distant and every time I asked him about it, he would blame it on school. I knew he was stressed out, but to me it seemed more than just a difficult workload. The more it continued, I began to blame myself.

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I thought he wanted an out in our relationship and that my struggle with depression and anxiety was becoming too much for him. But I was wrong. We were on the phone one night and somehow the topic of a gay friend of mine came up. Something about his tone as we discussed it seemed off to me and so, jokingly, I asked "What? Are you gay?

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There was a long pause. Another pause on my end. What do you mean you don't know? Here was a man that showed a lot of interest in the womanly body. Not in a disgusting, perverted way, but in a way that made him a great lover. He was always more than willing to attend to my sexual needs — and loved it! Now here he was telling me he didn't know if he was gay. But I feel an attraction to men and I'd be interested in having sex with guys. The more we talked about this and the more he opened up to me, everything suddenly became real to me and I slowly began to understand.

My boyfriend identifies as bisexual.

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